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2008 Youth Conference

Partners for Freedom and Democracy, Inc.

In collaboration with

The Center for Africa Peace and Conflict Resolution (CAPCR), at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)


A Youth Leadership and Development Summit

At the Centre for Women Development, Abuja, Nigeria

From August 9 15, 2008


Summit Description
The purpose of the summit is to encourage youth ages 15 to 24 to gain greater understanding and appreciation of democratic governance, participation, and their role as citizens. The goal is to provide a forum for cultural exchanges, education on human rights, the rule of law, the environment, and an opportunity to engage in leadership and development skills through interactive group activities. The summit will offer participants an opportunity to interact with peers from various countries including the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. The summit will serve as a networking medium and means of collaboration. Overall, the summit will provide youth from diverse backgrounds, the opportunity, not only to develop their understanding of democracy and its principles, but empower participants to take on leadership roles in their communities, and to acquire skills that are targeted at development and good citizenship.


About the Sponsors
Partners for Freedom and Democracy (PFD), Inc. is a US-based not for profit and non-partisan organization focused and committed to promoting democratic principles and advancing the rule of law through education, literature, research, and development in the US, the Caribbean, and Africa. For more information about PFD visit

The Center for Africa Peace and Conflict Resolution (CAPCR) at Sacramento University, California was established to provide conflict resolution and reconciliation services for agencies, governments, organizations, businesses communities and groups through training, education, research, and intervention. The goal of CAPCR is to develop and provide training on mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and other conflict resolution services for institutions, community agencies, governments, and related professional groups (in US/Africa). For more information about CAPCR visit

PFD welcomes registration from young people ages 15-24 who are interested in participating in the summit. To register, please download the registration materials and submit by the DEADLINE, JUNE 15, 2008.

Edna C. Udobong
Partners for Freedom and Democracy, Inc.
P.O. Box 1974
Silver Spring, MD 20915
Phone: (770) 309 0853
Fax: (202) 558 5469

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